“There’s always sadness in our lives. It’s that sad feeling that keeps us going.”

— Tsukino Usagi


Casual Misfit Radio

Casual Misfit Radio is a podcast about stories and the misfits who tell them. Every other Tuesday, the Misfit Crew: Kyle V. Hiller, Michelle Nugent, and Katie Antonsson, discuss various writerly topics in all narrative forms: through literature, TV, film, music, comics, and more. 


But more importantly, it's a podcast about carving our own little spaces. It's about coping with the fear of expressing ourselves and all our differences. It's an ongoing discussion about learning to love ourselves. It's meant to make you feel a little less alone. It's a place we all can belong to.

Casual Misfit Radio is a celebration of being weird, quirky, queer, different, and nerdy. It's for everyone, especially those along the margins. 

Kyle V. Hiller

Michelle Nugent

Katie Antonsson

Find out more at wecasualmisfits.com

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