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Project Anjou: Silent Syntax First Chapter Mixtape

Watch or Listen to Project Anjou: Silent Syntax First Chapter Mixtape

Back in 2017, I was hit with a fierce writer's block. I was working on a chapter in a novel (then titled Project Anjou: Silent Syntax) and was frustrated with how the words weren't coming out. I shifted and decided to mess around with some photos I took with dear friend Kelia Ideishi in Photoshop. I stumbled upon some shaky, out-of-focus video clips I took with her, and tried to apply the same pixely filters to it in Premiere.

Then, I looped it. And I kept looping it. And I put the loop over the vaporwave classic Lisa Frank/Modern Computer by MACINTOSH PLUS and I dove in. What came together was this mix, an interactive blend of music and looping vaporwave-ish visuals that underscore the text of the first and thirteenth chapters of the draft of the novel.

Project Anjou is still in the works, but how and what and when is something I don't want to disclose just yet. Just know that what you read in this mix isn't how the story goes now, but it's still compelling.

Project Anjou was a love letter to the internet culture and video games. Its main protagonist, Anjou Ishikawa (who had an online alter-ego known as Papaya) was a DJ and a streamer who had her voice stolen from her by a sentient virus.

Track Listing:

  1. MACINTOSH PLUS - Lisa Frank/Modern Computer

  2. R23X - Counte Attack Ability

  3. TiRon & Ayomari - It's A Trip

  4. emune - salami rose

  5. Jeftuz - Janet J

  6. Mr. Carmack - Throw Your Chains Off

  7. Fwdslxsh + Kource Edit - 2on (Tinashe)

  8. V E S T I G E - PHNXDWN

  9. Camino 84 - Blue Rose

  10. Ghost Town DJ's - My Boo (Wave Racer Remix)

  11. Ta-Ku - Electr(on)ic Relaxation (Benzi X J. Espinosa X Diezel Edit)

  12. Trian Kayhatu - Alright

  13. CyberCyril - Crystal ride

  14. Substantial - Ain't No Happy Ending

  15. weirddough - flowerz

  16. Salute - Rock The Boat

  17. Olivia herdt w/ Secret Crates - ripped jeans

  18. Kasper Gavin - Lifted (Remix)

  19. Phase - Miss Wonderful (Pragmatic Theory - Elevated Patterns)

  20. Flamingosis - My Lady

  21. Ticklish - Rescue Me

  22. Kaytranada - Vivid Dreams

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