“There’s always sadness in our lives. It’s that sad feeling that keeps us going.”

— Tsukino Usagi


Editorial Services

In addition to being a writer, I offer editorial help to other writers and authors. Whether you're seeking traditional publishing or are publishing independently, I'm here for you. 

P.S., I offer discounts for marginalized writers and students!


Authenticity Reading

With authenticity reading, I'll take your manuscript and point out issues related to cultural accuracy, gender and sexuality, and more. I have a particular eye for subjects related to black/African American characters, dialogue, dialect, and scenarios. I'm not limited to that, and am keen on issues with LGBTQ+, Asian American, and Latinx American authenticities. 


Turn around time and rates are as follows, but depending on how many (or how few) problem areas there are with a manuscript, these numbers can change. A rush order for readings will incur additional fees, so be sure to plan ahead!

In order to determine the rate, multiply your word count by $0.0045.

For instance, a 70k word manuscript is about $315.


30k-50k word manuscripts take about 1-2 weeks to read.

50-90k word manuscripts take about 2-3 weeks to read

90k words or more take about 3 weeks to read.

Writing Coaching

Writing shouldn't be done alone. And as your writing coach, I will work with you on a one-on-one basis to help you structure and outline your novel. The process will dive deep into understanding your characters, specifically the relationship between your protagonist and antagonist, which will, in turn, set a foundation that will make your outline solid. Each week, I'll set you up with focused worksheets, and then we'll meet online through Zoom for 30-45mins and break down your novel into digestible pieces that will give you a clear road map, clarity in your drafting, and leave you with a form that works for your future novels--so you won't have to hire me ever again! 


Four online sessions amount to a monthly payment of $200. The number of sessions you'll need will vary, as most authors are able to complete the structure and outline in twelve sessions

Query Letter Workshop

Getting ready to pitch your novel? I can help you. With a query letter workshop, we will work together to ensure your query letter has everything it needs to catch the attention of your agents. This includes finding the hook of your novel, eliminating unnecessary fluff, and tightening up the format.


Single-pass query critique is $25 per edit

Multi-pass query critique is $50 per 3 edits


For another $5, we can work on your tweets for events like #DVPit, #PitchWars, #RevPit, and more. 



How do you accept payment?

I accept electronic payment through PayPal and Venmo, and TransferWise for international transactions. I also accept check via snail mail. Be aware that PayPal and TransferWise incur transaction fees, which are added on top of the total amount due.


What is Zoom?

Zoom is a free alternative to Skype and Google Hangouts that allows for recording of our meetings. I upload all meetings as unlisted videos to YouTube for you to watch again later. If you're not comfortable with having them uploaded, I can send videos to you directly instead. You can opt out of recording entirely if you want!


I'm not sure I can afford your services. What can we do?

Email me and let's talk about your financial situation. As someone who grew up in a single-parent, working-class family and is a hustling freelancer, I certainly have empathy. We can work something out if you are in a pinch. Also, to reiterate: I offer discounts to students and marginalized voices, including but not limited to POC and/or LGBTQ+ authors. 


After your query letter workshop, will you help me find an agent?

I'm happy to have a conversation with you about what the next steps are in getting your book in the hands of an agent, however, I'm not able to put you in touch with any agents. 


After I workshop my query letter with you, I'm guaranteed to be published, right?

No. In fact, the same thing goes for my other services. My services are meant to help you obtain clarity and confidence in your writing, and take the right steps to make sure you have a polished, professional, and engaging story. However, achieving your goals comes down to you. You get what you put into it. I go to great lengths and put in time and energy because I truly care about everyone I work with. That's all I can do in the end.


I need authenticity reading, but my book doesn't deal with the issues you specialize in. 

That's fair! I will give you references to other authenticity readers that will be able to help you. 


Do you offer developmental editing services?

I do, but hear me out: My coaching is meant to help you polish your foundation in a more affordable and interactive way. I'm a hands-on collaborator, and I encourage writers to consider my coaching before hiring me for developmental editing. But if meeting to talk doesn't fit your schedule or is something you aren't comfortable with in general, then email me and we can work out alternatives. My rates for developmental editing are different from my writing coaching.


I'm not sure if your service is right for me. Do you offer consultations?

Yes, I do! Email me and we can schedule a conversation in a Zoom call, phone call, or we can deliberate over email. It's very important to me that you feel confident that I am the right fit for you. And if we aren't, that's okay. I'll help you find someone who does! Consultations are free.

Do you offer sample edits?

This is a project-to-project thing. I like to request the first chapter of a project for writing coaching services, and I may sometimes request more if we are arranging for developmental edits. I offer light suggestions/comments and feedback on the requested pages. Sample edits are free.




Have questions?

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