“There’s always sadness in our lives. It’s that sad feeling that keeps us going.”

— Tsukino Usagi



Kyle was a dream to work with. I needed a crazy turnaround, and he stepped up to the plate. He was timely, professional, detailed, and thoughtful. His feedback was nuanced, multilayered, and above all, generous. I felt he was deeply invested in my story and rooting for it to realize its full potential. Without his help, it couldn’t have. I will definitely be seeking his help again, and can gladly recommend him to writers in search of wise eyes on their manuscript.

Julie Berry, author of LOVELY WAR, and 2017 Printz Honor Winner

Kyle got my story and its themes and offered nuanced guidance to bring these to the forefront. With his insight, I was able to strengthen my plot and characters, so that the underlying potential of my story came to life in a compelling and poignant way. I love the way my book transformed through the editing process. If you feel like your story needs something, but you’re not quite sure what, Kyle knows which chords to pluck and what questions to ask to help you make it into something extraordinary.


Loretta Chefchaouni, 2018 RevPit Winner

Kyle’s insightful comments about a rather tricky project of mine yielded a much clearer next draft. He was able to help me prioritize aspects of the novel, from characters to plot points, and point out areas that were lacking and needed some fleshing out. It’s always helpful to get an objective opinion on your writing, and Kyle provided a measured, fair, and honest assessment of my work!


Katie Antonsson, author of BRICK

I am thoroughly thankful and impressed with the quality in-depth feedback that Kyle has provided me with on my film script. His analysis and critique were beyond helpful and has empowered me to craft a stronger, more meaningful story. His ability to target the problem areas of a story and offer a variety of suggestions on how to improve the narrative has been invaluable in this endeavor. I highly recommend his editing services to any writer who wants to take their work to the next level.​

Jesse Torres, author of THIRST TRAP

Kyle worked on a variety of editing projects for Tell Tell Poetry. His edits were always on point, and my clients were able to receive substantive edits as well as line edits. It’s always a pleasure working with Kyle and I hope you’re lucky enough to work with him, too!


Kallie Falandays, owner of Tell Tell Poetry

Kyle is one of the best editorial minds in the business. Not only can he identify exactly what needs to be done in order to make your book into the best possible version of itself it can be, but he does it with grace, empathy, and with your vision in mind. I am tempted not to put this quote out into the world only so I can keep his invaluable insights all to myself, but alas, the world needs good books.


Kate Angelella, Angelella Editorial